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Lake Superior Rents Minute

Time to get dirty and turn a new building around on London Road

by Cory Binsfield on 08/02/13

We just added 8 units in a prime location on London Road!

Over the next three months, we plan on making some big changes to the property. Currently, some of the residents like to deal drugs and the cops show up one to two times a week.

We are rolling up our proverbial sleeves and plan on getting down and dirty with these bad folks via the Lake Superior Drug Task force and some amazing undercover work by the neighbors.

We have encouraged the bad guy to leave by the end of August and look forward offering some fabulous one bedroom units to people who like old world charm and a view of the Rose Garden and steps from Valentini's Italian restaurant.

If your interested in renting here, let us know. Right now we have a large one bedroom on the 2nd floor overlooking the lake and another one coming up at the end of September. Both will rent for $700 plus electric.

Moving on up! Just like George Jefferson...the big apartment in the sky.

by Cory Binsfield on 04/12/13

We are very pleased to report that we have moved to the historic Dewitt-Seitz Building in Canal Park.

For all of you still mailing rent checks (versus paying online via our web portal on the homepage) make sure you note our new mailing address.

Lake Superior Rents

394 Lake Ave South

Suite 604

Duluth, MN  55802

Or, come by and check out our incredible view of the lake and the Aerial Lift Bridge!

We love this old building and want to thank Oneida Realty for helping us design and build a space that fits our personality. Just like our buildings, we now enjoy hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and tall ceilings.

Life is good!

Rental Demand, What's your best approach to finding a new pad?

by Cory Binsfield on 02/06/13

This month is crazy. I haven't even posted my rentals on Craigslist and noticed I'm already getting a lot of phone calls.

Must be my listings.

So far, I've already had 5 people sign renewals for June 1, 2013 and continue to receive a steady stream of phone calls each day.

Just like the Marines, we are looking for a few good clients.

Question: Where do you search for a rental? What is the best place in your opinion? Let me know and I will see if I can add more listings in your favorite spots.

Have a rocking day!

A Big Thanks! Plus, Time to get your pad for 2013!

by Cory Binsfield on 01/25/13

Happy 2013 and THANK YOU!

I just want to thank everybody for making 2012 our best year ever! We added 12 more units and continue to attract and retain fabulous clients.

By the way, check out our new mansion at 1629 E Superior Street. Built in 1904, it was purchased by Carl Luster (founder and President of Clyde Iron Works) as his personal residence. Trust me, this guy was loaded when he had this mansion built.

The master architect was William T Bray who designed many of the famous mansions in East Duluth. I'm extremely proud of this acquisition and can't wait to bring in a new class of clients that share my passion for old world architecture.

More on this wonderful building later.

This year we are adding a new online application that will allow you to apply and print out your own application. In one simple step, you can fill in the online form, click a few buttons and know if you are approved or denied.

We take a serious approach to tenant screening. Our goal is to provide you with high quality neighbors who you never have to worry about. Everyone must pass a strict credit and criminal background check and this helps us maintain our commitment to best quality best price.  

Last year, we rolled out the new online payment portal.

So far, we have about 40% of our tenants paying rent online. Frankly, why on earth do some people continue to drive down to our office, fight for a parking meter and then drop off a check or cash?

Sure, it costs $2.95 to click a link and pay online. Yet, aren't people worth more than $2.95 an hour? For all of you still paying the old fashioned way, think about the time and expense it takes to pay your rent.

For less than a gallon of gas, you can avoid the hassle of dropping off rent at our office.


Ok, I've been slow to post my listings this year. That darn mansion was a bugger to close and sucked up all my time and resources. Here’s the deal, before I get a bunch of crazy phone calls from Craigslist folks, call me if you are looking for a special property.

We have a bunch of 1,2, and 3 bedrooms that are coming up this year along with some studios. All of them are between 8th Ave East and 21st Ave East. If you like this area, give us a shout.

Once again, thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Gangbanger comment

by Cory Binsfield on 02/09/12

Cyanna, I stand corrected. My comment about gangbangers has been deleted and I have updated my claim about pitt bulls to reflect the proper source. If you would like more research on dog bites and the dangerous nature of certain breeds, I'd highly recommend the dog bite law center. Contrary to animal lover's claims, this is a very dangerous breed that needs an extremeley dilligent owner. Good luck with your apartment search.