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Where are you located?

394 S Lake Ave Suite 604 Duluth MN 55802
We are in the Dewitt Seitz Building on the 6th floor in Canal Park. We are the tallest building in Canal Park and the building faces the lift Bridge.

How do I pay rent?

We will send you an email once you move in to pay online. It’s free and just like writing a check except for the hassle of finding a stamp, envelope and looking for a mailbox.

Or, you can pay on the website on the home page.

Please don’t send a check in the mail. If you must send it this way, checks are payable to either Asgard Properties or Vanaheim Properties-see your lease. Send all check to the office address on Lake Ave.

When is your office open?

We are typically open from 8:30am to 3:00pm. For best results, make an appointment by emailing or calling us.

How do I put utilities in my name?

See the resource tab on the website. The main providers are MN Power for electric, Comfort Systems for water and gas. For garbage we like Nordic Waste. For internet we like Charter Communications. We do not allow satellite dishes anymore since the company keeps adding more dishes to our properties and never removes them once the service is cancelled.

Can I have a Pet?

iStock_000053194654_Medium (1)We allow pets on certain properties and under certain conditions as well when required to accommodate people with special needs. If you signed a lease with a pet agreement than you are fine.

However, you cannot add a pet without prior written approval. To avoid pet drama and possible eviction never sneak a pet into your unit and then call us later and ask if you can have a pet. We have certain guidelines for pets in terms of what types we rent to and whether or not the pet is suitable for a particular unit.

If you have ever had to live in an apartment with a noisy pet above you that barks all hours of the night, you understand the challenges we face in our pet policy. For pet horror stories, feel free to call Cory, the owner.

Can I sublease my apartment?

No. Our lease requires written permission first. This does not mean we allow it. If you need to sublease your apartment I would not recommend renting from us. Please don’t text us from Paris, France (this is a true story) and say you are studying abroad but your friend just moved in and will cover your rent.

Can I rent my place on Airbnb or something similar?

No! It’s a violation of the lease and local city ordinance (hotel tax, zoning regulations, etc.)

I need to cancel my lease. What is the process?

A lease is a written contract. If you decide to move out while you are still under contract, you are still obligated to pay rent even if you don’t live there. Remember, the lease is a binding contract between you and our firm. By allowing you to live there and lock in your rent for a fixed term and price you are benefiting as well.

My roommate ditched me. Can I just pay my portion of the rent?

All parties who are on the lease are obligated to pay the entire amount of rent. If your roommate ditched you, then you have to pay the entire amount of rent.